Extract ALL_FT+-based trajectories from PRISME database and convert to SO6 format.

export_allft_so6(wef, til, model = "CTFM", ...)



(UTC) timestamp of LOBT With Effect From (included). Liberal format, i.e. "2019-07-14", "2019-07-14 10:21" "2019-07-14T10:21:23Z"


(UTC) timestamp of LOBT TILl (excluded).


the trajectory model, one of FTFM, RTFM, CTFM, CPF


extra arguments passed to [export_model_trajectory].


a dataframe of trajectory segments in SO6 format, see read_so6 for a description of the SO6 format.


You need to store your credentials to access the PRU tables in the following environment variables:

  • PRU_TEST_USR for the user id

  • PRU_TEST_PWD for the password

  • PRU_TEST_DBNAME for the database name

See also

Other read/export: export_apds(), export_event_so6(), export_event_trajectory(), export_flight_info(), export_flights_at_airport_fr24(), export_flights_fr24(), export_hourly_adsb(), export_model_trajectory(), export_movements(), export_positions_at_airport_fr24(), export_positions_fr24(), fix_flights_csvs(), fix_nulls_in_callsign(), generate_so6(), import_flights_csvs(), parse_airspace_prisme(), read_cpr(), read_flights_fr24(), read_positions_fr24(), read_so6()


if (FALSE) { # BEWARE: this can take some long-ish time export_allft_so6("2010-06-16", "2010-06-17", model = "FTFM") # reduce the time scope to get the data quicker (and smaller) export_allft_so6("2010-06-16 10:00", "2010-06-16T11:00:11") }