read_flights_fr24 returns all flights as archived by FR24 for a given day (see path parameter for how the date is encoded).




the filename of the <yyyymmdd>_flights<eventually>.csv file. The <yyyymmdd> part of the path's basename is extracted into the date field.


a data frame of the archived flights that have flown on <yyyymmdd>. Each flight has the following attributes (all optional, i.e. eventually empty, but flight_id):

  • date date of the flight

  • flight_id unique decimal identifier for the flight leg

  • aircraft_id mode-S address in hexadecimal

  • reg unique aircraft text identifier

  • equip equipment, e.g. B733

  • callsign callsign, e.g. NAX11S

  • flight flight number, e.g. DY311

  • schd_from IATA code for scheduled departure airport, e.g. KKN

  • schd_to IATA code for scheduled arrival airport

  • real_to IATA code for actual arrival airport (when diverted)


The flights listed are the ones known to FR24 and fitting the the bounding box as contractually agreed.

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if (FALSE) { # flights, as recorded by FR24, on 20170205 (5th Feb 2017) flt_fr24_file <- system.file("extdata", "20170205_flights.csv", package = "trrrj") read_flights_fr24(flt_fr24_file) }