The SO6 file has variables of two types: * Segment-specific data (latitude/longitude, time/data information, ...) * Flight meta data (flight id, callsign, aircraft type, ...)

They are marked S or F respectively in the table below.

segment_idsegment IdcharS
adepDeparting aerodrome (ICAO) IDcharF
adesDestination aerodrome (ICAO) IDcharS
aircraft_typeICAO aircraft typecharS
segment_hhmm_beginSegment's begin timestamp (hhmmss)charS
segment_hhmm_endSegment's end timestamp (hhmmss)charS
segment_fl_beginSegment's begin flight levelintS
segment_fl_endSegment's end flight levelintS
statusSegment's status (0=climb, 1=descent, 2=cruise)factorS
callsignFlight call signcharF
segment_date_beginSegment's begin date (YYMMDD)charS
segment_date_endSegment's end date (YYMMDD)charS
segment_latitude_beginSegment's begin latitude (Min decimal)charS
segment_longitude_beginSegment's begin longitude (Min decimal)charS
segment_latitude_endSegment's end latitude (Min decimal)charS
segment_longitude_endSegment's end longitude (Min decimal)charS
flight_idFlight IDintF
sequenceSegment's sequenceintS
segment_lengthSegment's lengthdoubleS
segment_paritySegment's parityintS
segment_timestamp_beginSegment's begin timestampdatetimeS
segment_timestamp_endSegment's end timestampdatetimeS
point_id_beginSegment's begin point IDcharS
point_id_endSegment's end point IDcharS
read_so6(filename, delim = " ")



the file containing SO6 trajectories


the field delimiter (default: " " [blank])


a data frame where date and time are combined in a single datetime and longitude and latitude are in decimal degrees.

See also


if (FALSE) { so6file <- system.file("extdata", "TRAFFIC_20180630_reduced.so6", package = "trrrj") read_so6(so6file) }