The payload of an archived CPR file contains the following fields:

cpm_idCPR Message IDint
tact_idETFMS flight IDint
timestamp_etfmsETFMS reception timestampchar (YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss)
timestamp_tracktrack timestampchar (YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss)
blockBlock numberint
recordRecord number (index within a block)int
entry_node_sacEntry Node system area codeint
entry_node_sicEntry Node system identifier codeint
callsignCallsign of flightchar
adep_icaoICAO code of Departure aerodromechar
ades_icaoICAO code of Destination aerodromechar
eobtEstimated Off-block Timechar (YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss)
longitudeLongitude (WGS84)decimal degrees
latitudeLatitude (WGS84)decimal degrees
flight_levelFlight levelinteger
track_serviceTrack servicechar (Begin, Continuing, End or Begin_And_End)
ssr_codeSSR codeoct
track_speedTrack velocity (in Knots)int
track_headingTrack headingchar
climb_rateClimb or descend rateint
track_vertical_modevertical attitudechar (Climb, Descend, Level_Flight or Undetermined)
ifps_idIFPS flight plan idchar
aircraft_addressICAO 24-bit addresschar
read_cpr(file, delim = ";")



A (gzipped) file containing archived CPR's as received received and processed by the Network Manager. Filenames are something like 1.201702061001tacop304ARCHIVED_OPLOG_ALL_CPR.gz


the character delimiting the fields [default = ";"]


A dataframe of correlated position reports (CPR's)

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if (FALSE) { # read CPR's of the 20 sample flights for 5th Feb 2017 cprs_file <- system.file("extdata", "1.201702051001tacop304ARCHIVED_OPLOG_ALL_CPR.gz", package = "trrrj") cprs05 <- read_cpr(cprs_file) }