read_positions_fr24 returns all position reports as archived by FR24 for a given flight_id flown on a specific day (see path parameter for how the date and flight ID are encoded).




the filename of the <yyyymmdd>_<flight_id>_positions.csv file


a data frame of the archived flight's positions for date <yyyymmdd>. Each position report has the following attributes (all mandatory, i.e. non empty, but speed, squawk and vert_speed):

  • flight_id FR24 unique (within a day?) flight leg identifier

  • timestamp snapshot_id converted to a date/time

  • snapshot_id time of sample in Unix epoch seconds, i.e. since 1st Jan 1970 00:00:00 UTC

  • altitude altitude (feet). Barometric relative to ISO 1013 hPa pressure in flight, always 0 on ground.

  • heading 0-359 degrees

  • latitude latitude in decimal degrees

  • longitude longitude in decimal degrees

  • radar_id unique identifier of primary ground receiver

  • speed ground speed (knots)

  • squawk code broadcast by airplane, represented as four octal digits

  • vert_speed vertical speed (feet/min). Calculated from rate of altitude changes, 0 for level flight or empty if unavailable

  • on_ground 1 for on ground, 0 for airborne. Calculated from low altitude and ground speed


The positions listed are the ones known to FR24 and fitting the the bounding box as contractually agreed.

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# positions, as recorded by FR24, for flight 207535493 on 20170205 (5th Feb 2017)
pos_fr24_file <- system.file("extdata",
                             package = "trrrj")
# }